Life lessons from ‘The Last Dance’

The Last Dance – ESPN and Netflix’s docu-series about the Chicago Bulls 1990s dynasty led by Michael Jordan – is compelling TV, with many life and career lessons such as:

  1. balancing being goal-focused, single-minded, obsessively competitive and driven to win at all costs – Michael Jordan;
  2. studying every technical detail of your craft to improve, and deliver optimum performance for your team – Dennis Rodman;
  3. knowing your role and playing it well with unwavering reliability – Steve Kerr;
  4. recognising the importance of – and accepting – your position as number 2, becoming the best supporting act in your field – Scottie Pippen; and
  5. creating a culture through coaching that encourages diversity of thought and embraces individuality, motivated and focused on one thing: success – Phil Jackson.

You may have avoided it because is seems pitched at sports, basketball or Michael Jordan fans, but I highly recommend you give it a shot.

It’s one for the ages.

Thank you Jason Hehir & Team👏🏿